Ed Coan Making It LOOK Easy

Wow.  I could watch old tapes of Ed Coan lifting for hours….

I trust you had a great Christmas and this severs to show you what is possible.

Time to get to the gym and just get a bit better today.

Not optimal.  Only better.

While you may not do the same lifts as Eddie Coan here, that is not the goal.

Work within your CURRENT limits to expand them.

Take some time to watch this old time reel of Ed Coan making some truly insane lifts LOOK easy.

“I listen to my body and believe in pacing myself instead of killing myself. It is hard to hold myself back sometimes but I just need to remember that I will feel better without injuries and lift more in the long run.” -Ed Coan (source)

Success leaves clues, so don’t make it look hard; make it easy and it will soon BE easy.

When asked if he didn’t have his genetics would he still be a powerlifter, his response was

“I made my genetics work for me. You have to develop them.” –Ed Coan (source)

Wise words.

No excuses.  Only better.

Rock on
Mike N

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