Form Check: Squats and Deadlifts on Halloween test day

Please comment, see my notes at the end

Squat at 245

Squat at 260

Squat at 270 (15 lb PR from about 2 week ago, 1 week was a deload)

Deadlift post squat

only did rack pulls from mid shin during squat specialization


My thoughts


USAPL meet Squat PR was 242.5 done on Sept 19

Added about 30 lbs to squat in 6 weeks

270 felt pretty good, before felt like I was get squashed like a bug

Template was

Squat 3-4 xs per week, add as much volume for 3-4 weeks, back off for 1 week and test

Sun/Mon : Heavy, progressive from 75% to 95% 1 RM for triples, doubles, then singles; as many as possible

Wed: light 5 x 5, speed, about 50-60% 1RM

Fri: Progressively heavier 5 x 5 work over the weeks

Bench work ME on Tues (note, did not bench for 3 weeks straight and bench dropped like a stone),  DLs were from mid shin, both pronated and light, 225 and 275 for reps, only 1 set at 315 lbs

Other work was KB Press, assym work as needed, mirror work, pulls ups, chins, etc

tested movement all the time

If spine/movement not up to it, subbed double KB front squats (16s) for as much volume as possible, normally 5-10 sets of 5-7 reps

Upped calories, started at 2 high cal/CHO days and finished up at 3 high days per week, dropped cal a bit during deload week

Slept as much as possible (getting better with sleep)

BW at meet was 206,5 (AM weight was around 208), BW for squat day around 213 AM weight

body comp will be measured coming up

DL strength was maintained


Heavier squat test about was UGLY, timing of knees and hips was off

Movement started to drop before deload week, took more and more “corrective work” to get lifts to test well, lost interest in lifting, joints started to “ache”, was fine after a few days off


Squat 300 x 1 by 12/31/09

maintain DL

maintain CRF

BW around 218 at max BF of 15%

Move better (of course)

Place your comments below and MUCH appreciate your thoughts!!

Rock on

Mike N

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