FUN Training! Saturday Strongman Sessions in White Bear Lake MN

I hear that you do strongman type exercise on Saturdays. What does a typical session look like? Can anyone do it?

Here is some video from a few weekends ago of yours truly at the Nelson Training Center on a Sat AM. 32 kg Kettlebell (KB), light trap bar farmers walks at 225 lbs, 400 lb tire and small 8 lb sledge hammer.


Second half of the circuit

Charles came out and did a great job for his first time through!


Second half of the circuit


Yes, most can do it in some form, but you need to make sure you know how to perform the exercises correctly. Any time you are attempting to lift heavy objects there is some risk involved; so find a local fitness professional. You also want to make sure your movement is good to decrease your risk of injury. If they never watch you move, do any basic tests and just let you jump into it with little instruction, go somewhere else fast!

Most can start with farmers walk at a very light weight and progress from there. Kettlebells work great too and the swing is the first basic exercise most will learn.

The other part is that this type of training is FUN! The days are getting short here in Minnesota, but if you are interested in a training session like this, drop me a line. Be sure to check out my You Tube Channel also.



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