Gym Movements is Now Available: Perpetual Progress in the Gym Now!

Gym Movements DVD is Now Available: Perpetual Progress in the Gym Now!

Gym Movements DVD

I am totally stoked that the Gym Movements DVD is finally available for everyone to order.  I literally just got the green light minutes ago!

You are going to be blown away by the progress in the gym you will make from the  Gym Movements DVD using biofeedback for exercise program design.

The feedback we have been getting is really nuts and to be honest, has exceeded my expectations.

There is a special introductory price too for a limited time.

Go to this link now

Gym Movements: Perpetual Progress

Special Bonus from Extreme Human Performance ONLY

When you purchase the Gym Movements DVD HERE, you will only get access to this special teleseminar that I will be conducting at the end of the month.   I’ve been using this system for over 2 years and I will answer tons of your questions and give you the inside track on how to maximize it.

I will reveal things that only my online consulting and personal training clients know and secrets that have never been published on this site.    This will jump start your progress like crazy and you can ask me your questions directly.

Again, this only applies if you order the Gym Movements DVD from this site!

This is an additional bonus not to be missed.  I normally charge at least $110 an hour for my time, but you will get it for free.

This special bonus is only for Extreme Human Performance customers and It is also for a limited time only!

You must have your order placed by midnight central time this coming Thurs Feb 4 to get the free teleseminar! No exceptions.


Who Do I Contact with Product Questions?

I am selling the product only, and it is something that I truly believe in and have used for well over 2 years; but I did NOT make the product nor do I do the marketing for it.  Any direct product questions and order information please see the website at Gym Movements: Perpetual Progress

Why Are You Selling This?

It is something that works great and as stated above I have used it on myself and others for quite some time (read: years) with amazing results.  I will only sell products here that believe in 100%.

What If I Don’t Want To Buy This Product

That is up to you and I will continue to bring you the latest information on how to break a crazy number of personal records in the gym and on the field, all for free, so keep checking in!  Keep in mind that I will refer back to the Gym Movements DVD though since it has all the exact details on how to use the program to the fullest degree.

How Is This Different Than Any Other Fitness Program Design?

Gym Movements gives you the ability to simply and easily measure your own biofeedback, allowing you to custom-design your workouts each and every time you go to the gym. The result is a new personal record virtually every time you train.   Does your current training program do that?

Why Are Personal Records Important?

You are either going forward or backwards. If your body is constantly doing more, lifting more, doing it in less time, your body has no choice but to add muscle and strength!

Can I Forward Your Site Info to My Friends?

YES!  Please forward this to all your friends, send it out on twitter, facebook, etc  Spread the word.  Hit the stumble icon just below here, the twtter icon on the top of post, go crazy.


Gym Movements is finally here and you owe it to yourself to go and check it out now before the special bonuses go away.

Gym Movements: Perpetual Progress

Rock on
Mike T Nelson
If you have comments please place them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  This will be the fastest way to get your questions answered!



Don’t forget that when you purchase Gym Movements from this site, I will have a special teleseminar for all those that purchased it by midnight central time, this Thurs Feb 4.  You will only get access to this special teleseminar if you purchase the Gym Movements DVD HERE.  I’ve been using this system for over 2 years and I will answer tons of your questions and give you the inside track on how to maximize it.  If you miss the call, I will send you the MP3 of it but again only if you buy the DVD here.   Get your copy of Gym Movements NOW by clicking HERE.

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