Lucky 7 Random Updates: Biofeedback Testing, Metabolic Flexibility Interview with Mike T Nelson and More…

I apologize on the lack of updates here, but tons of stuff I am working on in the background, so blog updates have taken a bit of a hit. I did not want to release some half baked articles just to have something new as quality trumps quantity.

The biggest thing was the release of my Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs for Fat Lossproduct release yesterday!

Check at this link here, for the crazy bonus items I have it you act fast!  The program was years in the making and a labor of love, but most importantly I KNOW you will see results from the program!

While I was working on some new articles for you, I had several random things I know you would be interested in; so time for another random update.

1) Biofeedback Testing

I did an article for my friend Chris at Train Better Fitness all about biofeedback training, so check it out below

Biofeedback and  Gym Movement Protocol Interview with Mike T Nelson

You probably will remember Chris from this interview I did with him where we chatted about biofeedback testing (Gym Movement) and his state records in powerlifting.

2) Protein Book Chapter

The book is still under review now and hopefully it will be out later this year entitled “Protein and Strength Athletes: A Sports Nutrition Controversy” (CRC Press, in press).

Jon Mike and I co-wrote a chapter in regards to protein and how it applies to recovery and making weight (fat loss). It is going to be an amazing book in a uber geeky, academic way. Hopefully it will be used in many advanced physiology and nutrition class rooms too.

All the top researchers in the area of protein/ nutrition are in the book from Dr. Layne Norton, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Dr. Peter Lemon, Dr Bill Campbell, David Barr and many many others that I am forgetting to list here (sorry guys).

This is a step in the right direction of clearing up all the massive confusion out there regarding protein.   Virtually every day I get questions about protein (along with fats and carbs too).  Most of this information is at best confusing and at worst dead wrong!

If you are looking for a short, and highly useful information on how much protein do you need for fat loss based on research, I have a great video for you below:

3) Metabolic Flexibility in the newspaper

I did an interview for a newspaper in New Mexico recently for an article they are working on regards sports nutrition. I got to yap all that topic and Metabolic Flexibility for increased athletic performance and fat loss. Not sure when it will be out, but I will keep you updated.

4) Kevin Neeld Speaks Out

Kudos to Kevin for doing great work and speaking his mind.  Awesome work regarding the job of strength training professionals.

5) The Movement is on TED!

Yes, that TED as in TED talks that are awesome! My good friend an co-creator of the upcoming Biochemistry of Nutrition certification Craig Keaton delivered a TED talk in Texas entitled “Know Thy Self” regarding the best nutrition and exercise for EACH person using a custom approach.

Congrats to Craig (and Brian) from The Movement Dallas studios.

6) How to Squat Without Pain

In case you missed it, I did a video on how to squat without pain.  Their are just a few things that will make a huge difference both in terms of the weight you can use and a reduction in pain!  Of course I recommend testing the squat to make sure it is a good exercise for you first!  Find out how to do that for free HERE.

7) Vacation Baby!

I am so stoked that Jodie and I are off to Tulum Mexico this Sat for a bit.  We are staying in Tulum, Mexico to get in some sun (which I have not seen that bright orange thing in the sky for a long time), relaxation and kiteboarding!!! Whoo ha!    Can’t wait.

Some friend found a great place right on the beach for a good price (it gets cheaper when you pack 16 people into one house). All told there will be 26 nuts down there mainly from Seattle. Awesome!!!

Mexico North Yucatan Tulum Kiteboarding Trip from Johan De Clercq on Vimeo.

Kiteboarding in Tulum

Don’t worry dear reader, as I will have stuff all set to go while I am gone.


Let me know have ’em

Rock on

Mike N

This has been a LONG time in the making, both in research done in an actual lab and on my test wabbits; and I am very excited to finally release it!
Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs <–click here

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