Motivation Monday: You Can Do It!

It is snowing again like crazy here in Minnesota as the Vikings take the field tonight against da Bears. But since the roof fell in on the Metrodome (ok, Mall of America Field), they had to move it to the Gopher TCF Stadium outside.

Yep. First outside game at home for the Vikings in 29 years I believe.

The video above is of the starting QB tonight for the Vikings. Oh wait, I hear Farve is going to start now. Oh wait, he is not. Either way, give the new kid a shot since the season is done and time to rebuild.

2 Lessons Today

The first one is :”You can do it!”

Even if you are running up to a wall, you have to believe you can jump over it (or go through it).

You need to work within your limits as to not damage yourself in the process, but you must first believe it is possible.

I remember learning to kiteboard down in South Padre Texas a few years ago and every one in my group of friends that past me would yell “You can doooooooooooo it”

I started to do the same to others that were learning too.   Everyone else seemed to have figured it out, so I knew I could do it too; even if that involved several face plants, long walks back to the starting point,  and then more face plants.   In the end I figured it out—whooo ha!  The first step was believing it was possible

Second one is: Be prepared for anything.

I would love to know how many of the Vikings actually practiced outside this week. Rumor is that many are very unhappy about the field conditions.  Hmmmm, it seems they live in Minnesota and can freaking snow here and snow a lot.

Yes I know they have played inside for years, but as soon as they started clearing snow at the Gopher stadium, the thought of “hmmmm, maybe we should go outside” should have gone off in someones head.

I see kids play outside in the winter all the time and they seem to do fine.

Either way, I will be glued to my TV in my toasty warm home to watch the chaos ensue.


Let me know what you think of this one. And remember

“You can do it!”

Rock on
Mike T Nelson


Thanks to Tyler for sending me the video above.  Awesome!

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