PhD Written Exams and MMA Training Product

Thanks to all for the warm wishes and I did pass my PhD Written Exams now after submitting one revision. Yeah!!!

Next up, PhD Preliminary Orals on September 12, so blog posts may be more intermittent until that point as I have a protocol due and a poster for the North American Society of Pediatric Exercise Medicine due too.

To all those that have sent me emails, I did not forget you and will be in touch very soon! Thanks for your patience–much appreciated!

Attention all MMA Athletes!
I am lending some research support to a killer project for all of those with an interest in Martial Arts that will be released this Fall. It is going to be AMAZING and I am super excited to be part of it. I promise it will NOT be the same as the current MMA training items that are currently out there.

Stay tuned and if you want to me on my email list to be notified first, sign up on the right hand side of this blog and you will be added to my newsletter list also or click HERE and select the “join newsletter” box below my smiling face. No set release date yet, but it will hopefully be very soon! My newsletter will be back up and running in mid Sept also.

Rock on
Mike N

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