Swing Your Way To A Better Butt, Hamstrings And Deadlift!

  • Do you want a better butt?

  • Better hamstrings?

  • Increase your deadlift and squat?

  • Burn a crap ton (technical term) of calories to see your abs?

I have something you must see then!

Enter The Heavy Swing

The swing is an awesome exercise since it works the whole body, but primarily the lower body and posterior chain.

You can get a ton of work done in a very short period of time too.

Cardio conditioning? Check. Load it up and go for 15-20 reps.

Work those anti sit muscles?   Check.

If you sit for a large part of the day, the muscles in the front of the hip (posas, rectus femoris, etc) can get a bit angry and the ones in the back (glutes aka the butt, hamstrings) feel sad since they are neglected (other than getting compressed all day).  Time to do the reverse and give the glute and hamstrings some love with heavy swings.  At the top of the swing, the glute and hamstrings are fully contracted and the muscle in the front of the hip are lengthened – the exact opposite of your seated position.

Why Not Just Use Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are great and I have a whole bunch of them here at the Extreme Human Performance Center. If I could just get them to breed by themselves, it would save me a ton of money!

Problem 1: Expensive!

The downside is that many will outgrow a kettlebell very fast on swings. I have women who start with a 12 to 16 kg and in a few weeks are easily using a 20 kg and even a 24 kg. The cost to buy more kettlebells adds up fast.

For all the big, experience people out there, you know that after you have been doing swings for some time that even the beast at 106 lbs is too easy.

True, you can get another beast and do double kettlebell swings, but at about $250 each plus a crap ton in shipping, the cost gets crazy.

Problem 2: Hand Position

The downside of kettlebells for 2 hand swings is the hand position.    If you have even averaged sized hands, you will find that your pinkies won’t fit on the handle when both hands are holding on.    You can do a 1 hand version, but for many their grip will give out first while their hamstrings and butt could do a ton more.

Problem 3: Stance Width

When you are using double kettlebells, you need to stand quite wide.   If you have a large pair (kettlebells, silly) that you are swinging, you stance needs to be very wide just for enough clearance for the bells and this can be a problem for some.   Plus it just feels quite odd at first too.

What if you want to train a wide variety of clients? You would need a ton of kettlebells ranging from 12 kg up to 48 kg. Trust me, that cost adds up fast.

Enter the Plateau Buster: An Awesome Solution To All 3 Problems

I was there that one fateful day when my buddy Adam T Glass and Ryan “the mad machinist” Pitts from Strongergrip were chatting about making a device to swings like the old time strongman.  Adam wanted something that he could add a ton of weight to, but did not require a super wide stance.

What became of that disucssions is the Plateau Buster – a fully plate loadable device to do swings.

Solution #1: Cost

You can literally do with swings with no extra weight (so 7 lbs total) up to over 400 lbs, in ANY increment.

How bad ass is that? Think of all the money you will save!  For the price of ONE heavy kettlebell, you can pick up a plateau buster and use it for ALL your swinging needs!

Perhaps you have an older client that is just getting back into training and only need 20 lbs, no problem.

A big football player who you have been training for a long time is up next and you need 150 lbs or even 200 lbs, no problem.


Solution #2: Both Hands Fit!

The handle on the plateau buster is wide enough to fit both hands completely on at the same time.   Now your pinkies won’t feel left out!  It will still work your grip when you add more weight, but it won’t be as much of a limiting factor so you can really tax the glutes, hamstrings and even upper back.

Solution #3:  Narrow Stance Width

As you saw in the video above, the stance width is about the same as doing swings with a single kettlebell, even if you go crazy and add 200-300 or more pounds to it!  Everyone so far that has tried it has found the stance to be much more comfortable than the super wide double kettlebell stance.

Get One Now Before They Are Gone

Ryan at Strongergrip is taking pre-orders now of the Plateau Buster, so pick one up today at the link below.

Pick up a Plateau Buster today by clicking HERE!

There are very few things I fully endorse, and this is one of them. It is simply a no brainer. I’ve had one now for about 3 weeks and I love it. Ryan will be ramping up production soon, so I am not sure what his current capacity is to get them produced, so don’t delay and get one now.

Here is another video for you to check out!

Start swinging your way to a better butt, hamstrings, deadlift and work those anti sit muscles.  Your body and the opposite sex will thank you!


Let me know what you think on this one, especially if you have a Plateau Buster already!  I give it 2 thumbs way up and highly recommend it.

Rock on
Mike N


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