Update on Kettlebell Juggling, Personal Records, and Vision

Update on Kettlebell Juggling, Personal Records, and Vision

It is me going from an open palm to swing

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Here we go!

Just wanted to share a short story with you.

I already shared it with my wonderful wife Jodie, but I just have to tell you
about it too!

I was at work today (editor’s note, it was actually yesterday) and I had a blinding headache. This is very rare for me as I am fortunate that I don’t get head aches very often at all.

I could feel tension creeping up the back of my neck and around to my left eye even.

I felt like my head was in a vice and it was just getting worse and it was only 11am.

I got some more coffee and no change. Crap.

I felt like I could just fall asleep too. I had zero energy.

At lunch I wondered down to the gym and tested my movement
(as shown in the Grip n Rip DVD) and it was horrible!

No surprise there as anyone watching me move could see that. I walked like I just crawled out a cave from hibernation.

I did some mobility work, curls with my left leg in front and rotated to the left and I started to feel much better.

Re-tested my movement and much better.
My headache was almost gone at this point too! Total time was 10 minutes!

How did I know which positions to work on?

I have tested my exercise before and started with ones that normally work well for me. They may work for you or they may not; you will just have to try and see.

I felt great and went outside to see the sun at the local volleyball court for some kettlebell fun.

I’ve been working on kettlebell juggling or also known as kettlebell hand to hand work.

In short, you are sort of throwing the kettlebells (KBs) around from one hand to the next in different configurations and spins.

Why? Because it is different and FUN!

Today was awesome as I just set a HUGE PR (personal record) for KB juggling–two 16kg KBs (one in each hand) and did a hand switch of BOTH at the same time, moving left to right and right to left with one going over the top and the other passed underneath in front.

The best part was that I nailed it on my first full attempt too. I could see both of them moving through the air also.

Why is this so huge?

Since about age 4 I have been diagnosed as “stereoblind” meaning I don’t see in 3D as most people do.

Now I am drive a car and play sports (which both took a fair amount of work), I still operate like I have one eye closed all the times.

In High School I was a complete detriment to any team. If their option was to play with me on their time or one man down, they would take one less person if allowed vs. have me on the team. Sad but true.

I could not track a fast moving object (like a ball) if my life depended on it.

I’ve been to multiple docs and everyone has told me flat out I will be stereoblind the rest of my life.

One actually refused to do further work with me since nothing was working.
I was left to figure it out myself with the help of some other really smart people like Frankie Faires, Dr. Cobb, The Movement Doctor and Adam T Glass.

So, to the docs I say a polite “screw you”

I am not seeing in full 3D YET, but I am better each day.

And one day I will wake up seeing in 3D and it is going to be AMAZING.

I am already saving money from Grip n Rip sales to do more full visual work once I finish my PhD.


  • Nothing is impossible
  • YOU decide what to do
  • If you want to move better with less pain, you must start testing your exercises (as in the Grip n Rip DVD)
  • KB Juggling is FUN!


Post them below!  Let me know what goals you are working on to overcome!

Rock on
Mike N
If you want to learn more about KB juggling, you have to see Logan doing some crazy stuff here
It is a great DVD with awesome tips too!

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