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Motivation Monday: A Dedication to All Veterans

Today is Memorial Day and I just wanted to take a couple minutes to thank all who have served and are are currently serving. Without their bravery and service, what I do would not be possible. A huge thank you … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday; Motivation vs Discipline

Here is a video from my buddy Eliott discussing motivation vs discipline. You will probably recognize him from the Lean Hybrid Muscle program.   Emotions are always there, the key is to find a way to make them work for you. … Continue reading

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6 Random Things: Mike T Nelson on Iron Radio, Grip Training, Deadlifts, Kiteboarding and More!

I haven’t done a random post for awhile, so here we go! I) Iron Radio: More Muscle, Strength and Less Fat with Research I was on Iron Radio just the other day talking about my experience at the Experimental Biology conference in … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday: 3 Plateau Busting Tips For More Muscle and Strength (Part 1)

It is May here in Minnesota and the temperature is 2 rat’s hairs above freezing.  This type of weather has me questioning why I live here in the frozen tundra.   Penguins are running around laughing at me…..ok, so it is … Continue reading

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