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How To Do Your First Handstand Pushup by Danavir Sarria

One thing I have been working on over the past several months is more body weight training and this includes hand stand push ups. When I started, even putting my head down caused me to be dizzy and feel horrible. … Continue reading

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Contrarian Fitness (Why I hate foam rollers)

My inbox has been blowing up lately about a post coach Mike Boyle did entitled “Is Foam Rolling Bad For You?” Mike Boyle In it, coach Boyle referenced an article I wrote about 4 years ago about why I did not like the … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday: A Must See Video – The Critic Does Not Count!

Another great video to get you going on this Monday. It is up to YOU! YOU decide what to do via your ACTION.  The critic does not count. It is easy for others to SAY what to do, but you … Continue reading

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