Do This Now and Get Strong(er)

Ever wonder what key factor accounts for most of your results?

Results are caused by one thing…

…unfortunately most people are very confused about what that one thing is.

I certainly was!  In fact for nearly 6 years of my life I worked out hard, but never seemed to hit my goal.

Heck, I actually made myself WORSE. I put myself into pain and was taking 1 to 1.5 hours of warm-ups in the gym just to lift.

I now warm up with weights I was using then and do very little warm-up work.

And I rarely have pain!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know how much it sucks to be stuck there!

You may be stuck right now.

Stuck in that rut – working out more and more, but getting farther away from your goal.

That’s because more-exercise rarely, if ever, gets you the results you’re after.

I know that goes against what you may have been told by all those fitness guru’s – but most people believe that hard-work is defined by the amount of motion they have in their life…

Here’s what motion looks like: you read books, then you hit the gym and do what the book said to do.

You read a few diet tips then get rock’n on that stuff

You see where I’m going here?

You’re in a flurry of activity, and it sure feels like you’re doing stuff.

But in the end you just don’t see great results in the mirror and on the bar.

It’s that person you see in the gym every day but their shape never seems to change from year to year.

I know, as I was stuck there too once!

When you’re trying to build the body of your dreams it’s easy to confuse ‘movement’ with ‘moving in the right direction’.

I’ve been helping people just like you to make a few minor changes in their daily actions that result in HUGE changes.

One small change that can boost the QUALITY of their exercise and easily adding 250% to their overall strength in record time.

Sound insane?

Don’t believe me?

I will tell you what it is now, so don’t have to just take my word for it.

Heck, I WANT you to try it.

Try This

If you are not testing your exercises currently, you are just guessing at the quality of them.

Every exercise you do either makes you better or worse.

Pick better each time.

Better quality of exercises.

How would you know?  Test it!

Here is how

1) Stand up tall and do a flexed forward bend “toe touch” exercise

2) Note–STOP at the FIRST sign of ANY tension (this is NOT a contest)

3) Note where you are (example, just at the tops of your knees)

4) Do an exercise (say, a push up)

5) Repeat the test

6) If your range of motion (the distance you went before any tension) was greater = good exercise

7) If it was worse, then try something else as the quality was low

The goal is to do high QUALITY exercises that test well.

This one tip alone will make a MASSIVE change in strength, muscle and pain.

My clients focus on a few quality exercises, and they always look and feel great.

But I want you to try it.  Take action!

Starting today – commit to testing your exercises.

By giving priority to those that will transform your body the fastest (the ones that test well), you’ll begin to get better and better results – results that everyone around you will notice 🙂

BTW:  I’ll personally help you – but you have to take the first step and show me that you want my help.


Sign up for my next E-class   <— you WILL succeed


Rock on

Mike N

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