It’s Live! Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs

I only slept a few hours again last night since I am soooo excited for this!! Check it out below!

Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs

We all know that you must exercise to stimulate muscle so it positively adapt by being bigger and stronger.

This provides a bigger engine to burn more fat also!

However, if your nutrition is just hap hazard without any plan or system; you will not get the results you deserve!

Research shows that in studies where exercise is highly controlled, BUT nutrition is not even discussed –people barely lost any weight!

I don’t want to see you work so hard for so little when just a few tweaks here and there will result in MASSIVE changes to your body!

If you don’t know the truth about proteins, fats and carbs, you will be working hard with lack luster results.

That is why I am so proud of the new Metabolic Flexibility program that literally was just released a few minutes ago!

Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs <–click here

Metabolic Flexibility?

It is how proteins, fats and carbs (food that you eat) combine and work in your body to burn body fat and add lean muscle.

I will have tons of information coming on more really cool Metabolic Flexibility items soon too. This is the same topic that I presented to the military’s elite research division DARPA this past November.

If you know anything about DARPA (same division that did founding work on the internet and GPS) you know they are RESULTS driven. They don’t waste time on things that don’t work!

End The Confusion

Every week someone new pops up from nowhere claiming that carbs are now bad, but some other expert says they are ok but only if you eat them at 7:01 because at 8:01 your insulin sensitivity is much worse and you are going to get fat.


I just heard an interview with an expert yesterday who stated that eating fats and carb at the same time would literally destroy muscle!

I almost spit out my eggs and toast as I heard it (much more on that soon).

It is time to end this confusions and get you the RESULTS you deserve in record time!

Click on the link below

Metabolic Flexibility: Burn That Fat! <–click here

4 Bonus Items!!

To encourage you to take action ASAP, I have put together some limited time bonus items.

I) The first 10  (SOLD out!)
A FREE 30 minute consulting call with me! (Valued at $63)

I normally charge $125 an hour and you will get a full 30 minutes of time to ask me ANY question you want! Just one small tweak can result in a massive result on your end. I’ve had the program for some time now and I’ve done some of the routine in the program.

Combine this with my experience in physiology and working with people just like you, and I know I can help you reach your goals evenfaster!

II) The first 30 people ALSO get (update 17 left)
“The Truth about Sports Supplements” Video Webinar (Valued at $35)

There is so many lies about supplements it is insane! There are some that help at certain times, but there are many that are worthless and hit your pocket book hard!

Which ones are useful?
Which ones are bunk?
What does research say?
How you can save tons of money!

III) The first 50 people ALSO get (update 37 left)
“Fat Loss 101 with Adam Glass” Raw Video (Valued at $35)

I worked with Adam with Metabolic Flexibility and he took the ball and ran with it! He loved it so much, it is the system he teaches all his clients at the Movement Minneapolis.
Here is a raw, non edited footage of an entire fat loss seminar he gave there

What you really need to know about food
The minimal effective amount
How exercise affects nutrition
Simple tips that you can apply right away

IV) The first 100 people ALSO get (many left!)
“Be A Savvy Consumer: How To Read Research E-Book” by Sean Casey (Valued at $19)

Sean is a man of research and in this wonderful ebook he shows you what you really need to know about reading research

How to find research in simple steps
Red flags to look for when reading research
Don’t get taken by crazy supplement ads that attempt to use research

Check it out now at below
Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs

When you pick up your copy from my link here, just email me your receipt to me by hitting reply here to get your bonus! First come first serve, so order now and email me your receipt! Note: this offer only applies to those that pick it up through my link above.


The time is now and the bonus items will be going very fast, so act now


Let me know what you by posting a comment below. Any questions on the product or anything ,let me know!

Rock on
Mike N

This has been a LONG time in the making, both in research done in an actual lab and on my test wabbits; and I am very excited to finally release it!
Metabolic Flexibility and The TRUTH About Proteins, Fats and Carbs <–click here

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