Motivation Monday: How To Bend Steel With Your Mind

Look What I Bent!

The older I get, the more I like stories.

This one is true and just happened to me this past Saturday night.

Jodie was out for a girls night out, so I did the very manly thing and headed over to visit Adam T Glass at the Movement Minneapolis to do some manly stuff like lift things up and put them down.

I learned some new grip work such as grip tops (where you use just the very end of your fingers) on a deadlift, coin pinch (just as the name sounds, you are pressing on just half a small coin with weight attached to it).

We also did some deadlifts on the Dinnie Stone trainers.  Think of a very odd deadlift with one hand in front and one hand behind.  Below is video pulling 232 lbs in front and 196 lbs in the back

Dinnie Stone Trainers

Wow, talk about a core workout—crazy!  Since your hands are at different positions and the weight is different, you feel a TON of force going through your core.  They also tested awesome, so I am going to pick some up soon.

Next up was some lighter bench work for me and got a PR for reps doing an offset bench press.  I lined up my left hand closer in than my right since my left arm is a bit weaker in the bench.  By doing so, I put my left arm more inline with the bar so a bit more overload (only moved it in the width of a finger).

Bending Steel With Your Mind

At this point, Adam throws out some gnarly looking metal bar on the ground and goes “You are going to bend this”

My first thought instantly was “You are insane man, that is a freaking steel bar and I already did 1.5 hours of exercise.”

I realized that this was bad thinking.  I was already placing a limit on myself before I even did anything.

I quickly changed it and replaced it with this thought, “I’ve work with Adam a fair amount over the past several years and all told I have only missed a handful of lifts (normally in competition) that he felt I could accomplish.”

Adam and I share the same training philosophy (Gym Movement) where failing is not a good idea; so if Adams believe I can do it, then I can do it!

Over the next several minutes, Adam showed me by demonstrating how to bend the steel.

It was much harder than I imagined since I figured once it started to move, it would be easy.   Ha!  Not so at all.

In the end, while Adam had to help me a bit through some bends; even though it

was my frist time I made it.  I even got it to about 80 degrees entirely on my own.  A huge PR!

My First Steel Bend Video



What you believe matters.

While all beliefs are limited, the old saying is true

“If you believe you can or can’t, you are right”

Challenge what you believe.

Follow what you believe with action to test it.

Many times you will be right.


Let me known what you think and post a comment below!

Rock on

Mike N


If you are interested in some crazy grip training and doing things that you did not think you could do, you must check this out from Adam himself

Bend Steel and Other Crazy Grip Feats<—click here


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