Motivation Monday: Manly Fat Loss, Guest Post by Adam Glass

Adam Glass

Adam Glass (note epic beard)

Adam Glass is back at it and he does not mince words. His topic this time around is fat loss.  Sacred cows are being burnt once again.

Why is this on Motivation Monday you ask?

Adam has dropped well over 30 lbs of ugly body fat while getting stronger.

Yes, you can drop fat and not become a smaller, weaker version of your old self.

You must be warned, Adam always tells it like it is too (probably why we get along so well) and today his article is no exception.

If you don’t like foul language and are easily offended, do NOT click the link below.

Manly Fat Loss With Adam Glass¬†<–do NOT click if you are easily offended!

If that does not bother you, click away.

Adam goes into great detail about what he has learned about fat loss and how to be awesome in general.

I am a bit partial to his work since we’ve had many long discussions about fat loss with clients, so I give it two thumbs way up.

This is not your typical fat loss article about how evil carbs are (oh wait, its fats that are evil, right?) and you can just exercise more.

Check it out above

Rock on
Mike N
Major announcement coming in just a few days! You are doing to love it, I guarantee it!! Stay tuned.

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