Motivation Monday: You Are a Champion -Must See Video!

Wow!  This one is AMAZING!

I saw this video on Ben’s Blog and had to post it here for Motivation Monday.

If this does not get you going, you better check your pulse!  Wow!  It gives me goosebumps and I’ve watched it 4 times already!

I love seeing the wide variety of athlete’s from ALL backgrounds.   Watching Adrian Peterson  run is a thing of beauty.

I am a huge mountain bike fan too and hopefully learning to surf today in Mexico (along with some kiteboarding too–ooooo ya baby!!!)

The goal is to do better than your “old self.”

Personal records are where it is at!  It does not matter if you are recovery from an injury or severe accident and taking your first movements again or lifting a world record.

“No one will ever tell me what I can’t be”

Who Am I?  I am a champion.    And so are you by always striving to be better (which is why you are here).

You are a champion!


Let me know what you think about the video by posting a comment below!

Rock on

Mike T Nelson

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