Ouch, my hip hurts and my glute does not work: Testimonial from Dave the rock climber

Ouch, My Hip Hurts and My Glute Does Not WorK

Testimonial from Dave S in Minneapolis, MN, rock climbing enthusiast

After a long hiatus off of running I recently started up again, primarily trail running. I’ve been told on two separate occasions (about a month ago and about fifteen years ago) that my right glute does not engage while I run.

I suspect it’s why my running has always felt a little awkward. Previously, I just stopped running since it wasn’t enjoyable.

This time I sought Mike’s help getting my muscles to work the way they’re supposed to.

After seeing me walk, Mike determined that neither of my glutes were engaging properly. It took about an hour but Mike got both glutes functioning again.

I left with some Z-Health drills to make sure they continue to work the way they’re supposed to.

I will see Mike again and I’m looking forward to enjoying running again.

Thanks Mike.

Dave S.  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks Dave for stopping by to get those glutes (butt muscles) going again!

Yes you read that right, in one session we got his glutes going again so that he can actually enjoy exercise and running again. One of them had not been working for 15 YEARS! I know that seems hard to believe, but with the right information it is possible to get your body working better now than ever before, all with less pain.

What Did We Do?

We followed this Z-Health based approach as below

Z Health Method for Injuries and Athletic Performance

In Dave’s case we needed all three –  joint, eye movements, and vestibular (head movements) to get him on the right track again.

Will It Stay?

He will work on his drills for a few times a day and this works to upgrade the software in his brain to keep his glutes working and keep running fast and fun.

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Rock on

Mike T Nelson   Z Health Master Trainer


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