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This so cracks me up!

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Deadlifting and True Heart

A MUST SEE video!

Allison McWeeny – 171 lb Deadlift @ 125 lbs

You don’t need two legs to deadlift!

Time to get to work!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

PS–Hat tip to Jason Ferruggia or finding the video.

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Ed Coan Making It LOOK Easy

Wow.  I could watch old tapes of Ed Coan lifting for hours….

I trust you had a great Christmas and this severs to show you what is possible.

Time to get to the gym and just get a bit better today.

Not optimal.  Only better.

While you may not do the same lifts as Eddie Coan here, that is not the goal.

Work within your CURRENT limits to expand them.

Take some time to watch this old time reel of Ed Coan making some truly insane lifts LOOK easy.

“I listen to my body and believe in pacing myself instead of killing myself. It is hard to hold myself back sometimes but I just need to remember that I will feel better without injuries and lift more in the long run.” -Ed Coan (source)

Success leaves clues, so don’t make it look hard; make it easy and it will soon BE easy.

When asked if he didn’t have his genetics would he still be a powerlifter, his response was

“I made my genetics work for me. You have to develop them.” –Ed Coan (source)

Wise words.

No excuses.  Only better.

Rock on
Mike N

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5 Weeks To Your Best Body: More Muscle, Strength and Less Fat

I received a reply today from a guy  I will call ‘Bob’  (to protect the innocent) who had read my email about ‘What causes results’.

Bob was really interested in being one of the select group of people who get into my next Eclass, however he was more than a little skeptical.   I totally understand that since everywhere you turn, someone is yelling even louder that this or that “magical” thing is the best for fat loss and muscle gain.

You see ads like this all the time……

“If you only ate this crazy, rare fruit that a researcher had to pluck from the freezing cold waters of the sacred Amazonian river with 2 piranha stuck to his ass, you will destroy all the fat in your body in 4.37 hours without any work!”


We all know that is BS!

There is no free lunch and yes it requires work, but not as much as you believe to add some lean muscle and lose fat.

But Bob had a great question and could not understand why he was ‘over-weight’ as he didn’t eat all that much, but his neighbor ate twice as much as he did and he was losing more weight!  What gives?

It didn’t make much sense to Bob.  Here’s my reply to him.

‘Bob, thank you for your email. Let me comment about you eating much less than your neighbor, and still gaining weight…

There’s a very good chance that you have a slow metabolism!  There are lots of things bantered around the internet regarding metabolism, but I will share a huge tip with you that you won’t read anywhere else.

Actually, Dr. Lonnie Lowery and I were talking about this very thing recently at the Experimental Biology.  If you don’t know

Lonnie, he is a PhD, RD and in addition to being a wicked smart guy, he is a competitive bodybuilder too.

We got to talking about this and Lonnie mentioned that his joints had been hurting lately.   Keep that in mind as we will come back to it.

Back to metabolism.  The higher your metabolism, the more energy you use during the day; thus making fat loss easier.

A little known way to increase your metabolism is to increase tissue build up AND breakdown!

This way, your body is expending tons of energy breaking down tissue and even more to build it (specifically in your muscles) to make them bigger and stronger.

Most only think about limiting tissue breakdown (catabolic) and building up (anabolic) for more muscle.

We want to accelerate BOTH processes by increasing this tissue turnover.


In addition to burning a crap ton of calories (we know that building new muscle tissue is extremely costly) you are burning calories to fuel the breakdown process also; thus increasing your metabolism.

You need to fuel the catabolic and anabolic processes and this increases your metabolism; shifting it into high gear.

How do we increase tissue turnover?

1) More protein

I am sure everyone is getting tired of my harping on this, but extra protein facilitates BOTH the anabolic and catabolic (breakdown) processes.    Increased protein is used to repair muscle after strength training (exercise in general).

Increased protein coming in signals the body to also oxidize (use) more protein!

Most view this as some evil process, but it not in this case since you have a surplus of protein coming in.

2) Increase exercise volume

Exercise volume is calculated by taking the weight x sets x reps.

This is how much work you did in a session and is a powerful stimulus to add more muscle.

Acutely (right after a session), the muscle is actually broken down and a mess!  When you take a needle and pull out muscle via a biopsy post training, the fibers are a disorganized mess!

Imagine a bunch of pencils and pens in my hand and I just threw them on the floor.  They land in all sorts of orientations.  That is what your muscle looks like!


In the next few hours to days, your body repairs the muscle and it is physically bigger and stronger.   This process is VERY expensive, using lots of calories.

Some studies show that it may take 24, 48 and even one researcher I chatted with stated 72 hours for the repair work to be completed!

Thus, your metabolism is elevated for a long time.

Back to Lonnie and his joints, we got to talking and theorized that since he is stepping on stage in a couple weeks, he has had to dramatically reduce his calories (and exercise too), thus limiting his tissue turnover.

In the past when he was still lean, he was eating much more food, high protein, high volume of exercise and his joints felt dramatically better too.

Now most people are not going to step on stage at super super low body fat levels (where the body starts to revolt and you can only stays there a few days to weeks at most); but you can enjoy the benefits of increased tissue turnover to increase your metabolism and recovery faster!”

Pretty cool!

In the Eclass I’ll cover everything you need to know (in fine detail) to get massive results.  I’ll also cover other important topics I mentioned in my previous email.

If this has answered your question and you want to know how to get increased muscle, get more energy, eat healthier and develop a tight, lean, sexy body, go on over to:

Just in case you still have some lingering doubt, here’s what a couple of real people, just like you, said about my last Eclass.

“Mike’s E-Class is full of fantastic information. I’ve been in the industry for decades now. Years ago, if I had known what Mike teaches, I wouldn’t have suffered through so much trial and error, learning the hard way.

I was never skeptical of the class, I’ve interacted with Mike for a couple of years or so at Precision Nutrition, where I work as a coach, and I know he’s the real deal.

My results have been great, beyond what I had hoped for. I started post surgery on my hip and post injury on my shoulder. I had done all the rehab I could, with world class medical support, and was certain I’d need surgery on the shoulder. My hip was as such that I was told I’d likely not ever squat again, to accept it. That doesn’t fly too well with me.

Knowing that Mike is a freakin walking encyclopedia that paid his dues,  I was hoping he could get me to the point that I could do a push up and squat  again. Well not only am I ding those things, I’m doing EVERYTHING I used to do and I’m getting stronger every single workout.

I am a nutrition coach by vocation and I’ve kept up pretty well with that area. Mike’s info on metabolic flexibility is hands down the best info I’ve ever come across. It works, plain and simple.

When asked if I would do it again my response is you bet. If a twenty some year veteran can walk away with as many lessons as I did, anyone can benefit. In fact I hope Mike keeps me in the loop for the rest of his career.”  –Roland Fisher,   Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Here is another one.

“I just want to put out a huge “Thank You” to Mike for the E-Class. The multimedia delivery format and personal access for questions was spot-on to convey the concepts of Gym Movement and Metabolic Flexibility.

Mike really under-promised and over-delivered!  I’ve lost about 17 lbs. and 3 inched off my waist while gaining several pounds of muscle and making huge progress in strength and endurance.

The best part is I’ve actually been able to resolve several long-standing issues with back, neck, foot, hip, and wrist pain caused by a serious car accident, stupid training, and other work-related injuries. I’ve tried chiropractic, accupuncture, and every type of stretching, yoga, and joint mobility practice that claimed pain relief with only limited results.

Gym Movement has been the only thing that has worked and I seldom wake up with the pain or headaches that was a daily occurrence for years. I feel like a new man!  Thanks, Mike!” –Tyler S.

I look forward to helping you get into the body of your dreams!

Rock on

Mike N


Spots are going fast, so don’t miss out on getting the results that you deserve!

Michael T. Nelson  MS, CSCS

PhD Candidate, Exercise Science

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Miracle Fat Loss Fat (And The Dangers of Research)

When you are reading research (which I know you all secretly do, you just won’t admit it for fear of being called a nerd), the first thing to look at it is who it was done on.

The easiest one is
Animal vs human vs plant

Ok, so plants are out for sure in the fitness research area (except as something to eat, well I guess animals are in that category too).

Ninja Attacks

I am Ninja!!

I can hear all the pubmed ninjas screaming already—-“Animal research sucks since I am not a hairy white rat”

While some may argue with that statement, let’s look at human vs animal research in regards to a magical fat that can burn fat!

Rat Research Pros
1) Some studies can’t be done on humans

Any study where they say the animal was sacrificed would be at the top of the list. Know any humans that want to sign up for that one? I used my sciketic powers to visualize a very short list (no you can’t list anyone against their will).

2) Easier to do
Running your own experiment on humans is much more work intensive and I can say that from first hand knowledge.

Humans are busy people (just like you) and coordinating them and getting them to follow the protocol closely takes time (read: many grad students)

Human Research Pros
1) Translates better to you!

Since you are not a 205 lbs white wistar rat, data collected from other human is more relavant to you and your efforts to gain muscle, strength and drop fat.

Dropping Fat and Super Rats
The fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. Remember that some fat is essential, with the two main essential fatty acids being omega-6 and omega 3.

Back in the early 2000s, CLA was all the rage as a fat burning fat. It can be found in nature as one of the fats in beef and dairy, so it can be sold in supplemental form. While there are many different types (isomers) of CLA the main ones are the trans-10, cis-12 and cis-9, trans-11 forms.

Enough Science Babble, Does It Work?

Much of the early (and even recent) data on CLA is from our 4 legged fury friend the rat. Looking at these data, we see that CLA is crazy good!

One study showed done by James P. DeLany et al. showed a 10% drop in body fat with CLA in only 12 weeks!

That is insane! If you are currently 19% body fat, in 12 weeks you would be in the single digits just by taking some CLA (ok, a lot of CLA, but still…..)

Conjugated linoleic acid rapidly reduces body fat content in mice without affecting energy intake

James P. DeLany1,2,
Fawn Blohm1,
Alycia A. Truett1,
Joseph A. Scimeca3, and
David B. West1,2

+ Author Affiliations

1 Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge 70808;
2 Department of Physiology, Louisiana State University Medical School, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112; and
3 Kraft Foods, Glenview, Illinois 60025

Address for correspondence and reprint requests: J. P. DeLany, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University, 6400 Perkins Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70808 (

Submitted 31 August 1998.
accepted in final form 12 January 1999.

CLA trans-10, cis-12: 212 mg. CLA cis-9, trans-11

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Protein and Kidney Damage

Nutr J. 2010 Dec 31;9:72.

Protein-enriched meal replacements do not adversely affect liver, kidney or
bone density: an outpatient randomized controlled trial.
Li Z, Treyzon L, Chen S, Yan E, Thames G, Carpenter CL.


Center for Human Nutrition, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los
Angeles, CA 90095, USA.

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kristin.lynch Lynch – SH Kristin Question ID 1 Describe the primary components of sprinting posture.

1.) Erect body with hips under the center of mass.

2.) The head is looking straight forward with the chin slightly in.

3.) The pelvis should be neutral or slightly posterior to allow for complete cycling of the legs.

4.) Chest should be up and the shoulders back (neutral) to allow for proper swing action of the arms from the shoulder joint.

4 Question ID 2 What affect might growth and development have on linear speed development in young athletes?

The three elements in developing linear speed are reaction time, starting time, and frequency of movement. Since young athletes are still growing and developing their nervous system, it is critical they practice all three of the elements. If the pre-adolescent athlete practices the skills and components of these elements during the early stages of development they will be better able to advance in the later stages.

3 Question ID 3 How does growth and development impact aerobic performance? 4 Question ID 4 How does development impact anaerobic energy systems? 4 Question ID 5 Describe appropriate training protocols for developing anaerobic power in children. 5 Question ID 6 Describe the abilities that make up multidirectional speed. 5 Question ID 7 Describe the plyo step and how it relates to the ability to react and produce speed. 6 Question ID 8 What are appropriate stategies for implementing conditioning programs for asthmatic children? 6 Question ID 9 Explain the phases of the leg cycle in sprinting. 8

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5 Nutrition Tips from LAX (and 5 Reasons Why LAX Sucks)

Greetings from LAX!

I apologize for the lack of communication as I am out in CA hanging out with Dr. Peter Rouse learning a ton.

Actually, I am at the LA airport (LAX) getting on a plane back home in just a few minutes, but I wanted to get you some great nutrition tips that I learned (and some common questions that were asked) while I was out here.

At the end, I have 5 reasons why LAX sucks too, so read on!

5 Nutrition Tips

First off, a HUGE thanks to Dr. Peter Rouse and his wonderful wife Alicia at AF Performance Center for the invite and allowing me to crash at their place.  They were AMAZING hosts, making great meals

for me, awesome organic biodynamic coffee, driving me around and letting me stay with then for 4 nights.  The 2 days seminar Dr. Rouse taught was great!  I did a 45 min talk on Metabolic

Flexibility at the end too. A huge thanks to them!!

Amazing people!

Tip 1

Eat more protein

Are you tired of hearing about this yet?    I keep saying it since I see more and more evidence that more protein helps recovery, strength, muscle increase, health and fat loss.

Dr. Rouse’s favorite protein types are wild, organic, grass fed beef.  Cow, elk, deer, you name it.  He is a huge fan of red meat as long as it is organic.  The food they feed most animals now is just plain scary,  and then you eat the food that the animal ate by eating the animal.  Sounds like a kids tongue twister.  Say it 3xs really fast.

Tip 2

No limit to protein intake in one meal

This was a great question that came up and one I’ve received many times before.

There is NO limit to the amount of protein you can digest in one meal!

25-30 grams a “magical” number that seems to never die.

If you ate a large steak that had 80 grams of protein in it and you could not digest the extra 50 grams where would it go?

True, Dr Stu Phillips did a study awhile back showing maximal protein synthesis post training with 20 grams of whey, but the other parts of the protein were oxidized (used) and not completely wasted.  Eat protein.

Tip 3

HCL challenge test

Some people lack HCL (which is an acid) to digest protein.  You can do an HCL challenge test where you take more and more HCL (starting very low) and see how much you need to digest the proteins.   You go until you feel a slight burning sensation.

So far, I suck at producing HCL, so I may not be making full use of all the protein I am eating.    Note, this is NOT related to the AMOUNT of protein consumed.   You are what you digest.

I am trying it out and will report the changes in about 4-6 weeks.

Tip 4

Fat is good for you

News break, fat is not evil!  Good fat that is!  Even saturated fat is good.

Make sure the fat is organic and not processed.  Good options are coconut oil –great for cooking since it can take higher temps olive oil –note, do NOT heat it up though butter –organic if you can

Stay the heck away from margarine though—that stuff even looks like plastic.  Don’t eat it.

Tip 5

Veggies are overrated, eat organ meats

This one will raise a few eye brows!

I am not going to tel you to eat less veggies,  BUT you can think about adding some organic organ meats to your selection.

Tribes like the Eskimos have lived off of an all meat diet for years and were VERY healthy. Cardiovascular risk was basically zero.

The organ meats were considered a treat and were eaten first, many times raw.

They contain all sorts of vital nutrition and minerals.

I confess that I have not done this yet, but I am going to try to work up to it.   Should be interesting since I have not eaten red meat for over 26 years!  Time to expand my metabolic flexibility.

Bonus Tip!
Cholesterol myth

Cholesterol is NOT the main cause of heart disease!

I agree 100% with this huge myth!

FOOD levels of cholesterol do NOT equal high BLOOD levels of cholesterol!

I eat a crap ton of eat and my blood cholesterol is moderate to low.

Cholesterol is not the main issue!

If you want to drop your cholesterol anyway, Dr Rouse says avoid all grains (he is not a fan of grains anyway).

I have worked with a few people who dropped their carbs and their cholesterol also dropped like a stone.   Try it!

Just for fun, here at 5 things I learned from the LAX airport

1) Security blows It took me 1 hour to get through security.   Boooo.

2) Sketcher Shape Up shoes still suck

There was an ad for them on the bottom of my bin that I slid through security.   Stay the heck off of these shoes! You will NOT burn more calories and they will only mess you up.   Since the foot is the ground contact point for walking and running, if you mess this up with bad shoes, you mess up the whole transfer of that force into your whole body.

3) Cancer in the airport I sat down waiting for the flight and saw a sign that said

“WARNING!!  This area contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm”

I am NOT kidding!  The guy next to me was also twitching—seriously.     LAX is a crap hole

4) Water = gold

A large water is $4.63    Youch.  I guess it is close to a gallon of gas now in price.   Thanks to Dr Rouse for the 2 Quest protein bars he gave me

5) Coconut oil = potential bomb

I bought some organic coconut oil (so tasty) from Dr Rouse and got busted at the scanner.  I guess it is considered a fluid, even though it is solid. It was sealed too, but no help.  I tried to open it and eat some of it for the security guy, but he wouldn’t let me.   I guess I will have to order some more.  One security guy said it was ok to put in my checked bag, but the other said no to that also.  I did not feel like going through security for another whole hour and paying $25 to check my bag (possibly to find out later it was taken anyway).

Time to put some of these tips to use and let me know how it goes for you!

More great stuff coming up this week, so stay tuned!

Off to MN I go!

Rock on



Michael T. Nelson  MS, CSCS

PhD Candidate, Exercise Physiology

You can also follow me up on Twitter at Mike T Nelson on Twitter

I am on Facebook too, so hit me up there at

Mike T Nelson on Facebook

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If you want to put in a bit of time, you can make some wicked effective items!  I have made a few from here.

The above are links that I make a couple bucks off, but I never recommend anything that I have not personaly tested out myself.

Any questions, let me know

Rock on

Mike N

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2011 schedule: Where is Mike T Nelson?

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