Personal Updates on Lifting and Life

I’ve had several questions about what I am doing in my own training, so I thought I would drop a short update here.

Keep in mind, this is geared toward MY goals, and your training will probably look different since you have different goals, and that is the way it should work.

As you know, my schedule is nuts late due to teaching 2 classes at the University of St Thomas and teaching 2 different classes for Globe University, work, training and nutrition consulting for clients (who are the best ever and doing awesome) and research. Trying as hard as I can to get this crazy PhD wrapped up, but the data is not working out. It will be finished though and I am did not invest 6+ years and literal blood, sweat and tears into it to stop now. I will finish it!

In short, I dad to drop a few sessions more than I wanted due to lack of sleep and literally no time as many days I was up at 5:50am teaching, work, train, prep for the next day, fall into bed, rinse and repeat!

Sounds like I am complaining but I am not and just trying to be more realistic with my stress levels and what I can recover from. Opted to nap in my car for 40 min instead of training a few times–heresy I know to most hardcore people but I’ve realized that I can’t solve every issue with more coffee and metal music Still tracking recovery metrics such as AM heart rate, AM weight, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), protein intake, caffeine intake, and sleep (quality and quantity) and a few other new things.

Having said all of that, most times I get in 5 days per week still training.

Recent PRs

Main goal: Farmers Walks 200 lbs per hand for 200 feet at once

Getting close, but weather has been an issue lately here in MN with rain and friggin snow!

I found that doing farmers walks on even wet asphalt is harder than I though!

Still got 175 per hand x 200 feet, many repeats at 100 feet too. Working to bring my grip up to hold on to them for the entire time (about 45 seconds to do 200 feet).

Farmers Bar Deadlifts

490 lbs (total) for a single last week.

April 1 it was 390 lbs x 1, so pretty happy with that, even though I only trained them a handful of times. I guess carrying weight for distance has a nice positive transfer to picking up heavy shit. Go figure!

Dinne Stone Training
Took about 2 months off from direct training on it to work on grip and overall
“core strength” via farmers walks. Figured it should have a nice positive transfer to Dinnies and I was right. Pulled 555 lbs x 2 (300 lb front and 255 lbs rear)

Other random stuff

Working on more ring work and can finally go inverted on a daily basis without feeling like the world is spinning for minutes after

Jefferson DL w Eagle Loops at 615 x 1
Even though I was not directly working on it, I will take it

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