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Most stuff coming very soon! Enjoy these tidbits in the meantime.

SAID Principal–Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand
Here is a simple tip from Dr. Cobb again—the SAID principal can apply to EVERYTHING. You either believe in it or you don’t; so apply it to training, rehab, body work etc. When you go in for some body work, most will lay you down flat on your back and work on you. Does that transfer to even standing up? Maybe/Maybe not, but if I do work on you while standing I have the greatest chance of transfer to standing (seems simple I know).

Breathing and Z Tips
In regards to breath work while moving, I find that for most it can be too much to start. I initially focus on long (tall) neutral spine and hitting the exact target on the Z joint mobility drills. Once they get good at the drills I will work in breath coordination. Again, it all depends on the person. I may give them specific breath retraining separately to work on relearning abdominal breathing though as this is needed in most people. The SAID principal applies here again too!

Z works to neurologically retrain movements via joint mobility work (initially) and to decrease SMA (sensor motor amnesia) thus increase biofeedback at the same time. Pretty cool!

You can get the R Phase from the upper right link.

Wise Words from Frankie Faires on Overload
Frankie says “I don’t think the overload principle is precise enough in telling the story of adaptation. I think it is useful to define adaptation as “learning.” I think this dovetails nicely with Motor Learning Theory.

We are always learning, we are always adapting. Some things we can learn in 1 rep. Other things require more reps.

Not everything we learn becomes permanent. Some things we learn are more short term than long term. That doesn’t negate the fact that doing something just one single time has an effect.

For every cause, there is an effect. For every stimulus, there is a response. This doesn’t mean the effect or response is permanent or hard wired.”

DOMS and Z Health
n relation to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) I don’t think it matters a whole lot since most people are looking at performance (athlete to run faster, powerliferts to lift more, bodybuilders to get bigger), and sometimes a result of the approach needed to achieve your goal is some muscle soreness.

If there is too much soreness, this can interfere with correct training though due to pain.

Also, as Rif has pointed out in the past, pain is HIGHLY variable from one person to the next. This is also a huge problem for pain researchers using the VAS as a way to quantify pain (although it seems to be repeatable, REF

Also, there are some studies to show decelerated glycogen resynthesis after heavy DOMS inducing eccentric exercise (REF )

Soreness and Inefficiency?
I also think that where you are sore may indicate the location of some inefficiencies. As your body becomes more efficient, you are able to recruit more motor units, thus more muscle so you are “spreading the load” over a great surface so that stress (force/area) on an individual contracting fiber should be less and theoretically less chance of micro trauma.

Practical Tip (aka why you should care)
Notice where you or your athletes are sore! If you did heavy squats/deadlifts and they complain that their adductors are sore, that is a hint that something may be not firing correctly. If they are ONLY sore on ONE side after a symmetric lift (bench, squat, deadlift) that is a red light that something is really not right and you will need to evaluate it.
Frankies’ Tips for Recovery
I can tell you how I deal with myself and my clients. Let’s go ahead and do the obvious stuff first:

Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Manual Therapy
Proteolytic Enzymes
Epsom Salt Baths
Castor Packs
Homeopathic Compounds
Contrast Bathing/Dousing
Sauna, Steam Room

Among the more movement oriented stuff:
High Rep Fascial Loading (modified I-Phase drills)
Opposing joint/muscle/movement mobility
Vibration Training
Active Cryo-kinetics
Respiratory Retraining

Any comments, let me know. Some of these were pulled from the comments to other posts here, but I thought they were worth reposting.

Rock on
Mike N

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