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The Paleo Diet: Is It the Best for Athletes?

What is the best nutritional approach? Low carb High carb Low fat Atkins South Beach Paleo, etc, etc Physiology is messy, so many things can work, but how hard is to to actually DO them. We want as easy as … Continue reading

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Training Powerlifters for Sport?

Training Powerlifters for Sports? These videos are brutal for me to watch.   Part of me wants to reach for battery acid to wash my eyes out so that I can never see them again. Bands and a bench shirt … Continue reading

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States Before Skills

Just wanted to drop you a line as I am here for the first weekend of Z-Health R Phase here in Minnesota.  It is a blast to meet so many dedicated trainers and therapists.  I am here learning more and … Continue reading

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Mike T Nelson Interview: Z-Health, Instant Strength, Mobility Exercises and More

Greetings! I trust everyone had a killer weekend.  Jodie and I were off to South Dakota for her family reunion.  I will have an update in the next day or so and some tips on how you can survive a … Continue reading

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Athletic Training in White Bear Lake, MN: A Tour of the Xtreme Human Performance (XHP) Center

I get the question a lot about what it is like to train at the Extreme Human Performance center, so I thought that since I am the research guy, I would do an experiment. I invited Dave Sandel over since he also … Continue reading

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