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CLA For Fat Loss (A Super Supplement If….)

I know you are jealous of how awesome my coffee mug is, aren’t you? You know you are a hardcore research geek and you are get all excited about getting a free awesome mug like the one above.   I picked … Continue reading

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Mexico, Cops, Leverage, and Fat Loss Nuggets

As you know, my wonderful wife Jodie and I spent a week in Mexico recently.   We rented a house with about 16 other nuts right on the beach north of Playa Del Carmen (not too far from Tulum and Cancun) and … Continue reading

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Lean Hybrid Muscle Exercise Training Videos

I’ve been getting some great questions on the Lean Hybrid Muscle program that I wanted to answer here. The ironic thing is when I got the program, I realized I had been doing a similar type of training for quite … Continue reading

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Review of Eat Stop Eat : Intermittent Fasting to Lose Body Fat

Review of Eat Stop Eat : Intermittent Fasting to Lose Body Fat That’s right I have confession to make , if you ask me about this even about 9 months ago if I would ever recommend intermittent fasting or fasting … Continue reading

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