The Paleo Diet: Is It the Best for Athletes?

What is the best nutritional approach?

Low carb

High carb

Low fat


South Beach

Paleo, etc, etc

Physiology is messy, so many things can work, but how hard is to to actually DO them.

We want as easy as possible AND still meet our goals of better body composition and performance.

Today will look at the Paleo approach. Here is Rob Wolf’s thoughts on it.

While I could go on for hours about this, I will get right to the point.

If people ENJOY doing it and are getting RESULTS (better health, better body composition) –awesome!

If that is a paleo diet and don’t want to change, cool.   It works for you.

If people HATE it, then we need to rethink the approach.

The key question is

Does it match our physiology?

Is getting rid of foods that people enjoy like dairy, potatoes, and more carb sources best if people don’t have any issues with them?

I don’t think so.

Would a paleo hunter gather pass up honey since it is a carb source?  I doubt it.

Would they eat only Woolly Mammoth for a few days—yep.

The goal is NOT restriction, but EXPANSION of foods your body can use ala Metabolic Flexibility.

That is the ultimate paleo approach.

Work to expand your foods, not restrict them.

The goal for health, is to be as adaptable as possible.

The more foods you can enjoy, that are moving you towards your goals of more muscle, strength, less fat and health, the better you will become.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

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