TRX Suspension Trainer Review Video: The Professor Speaks from His Lab

TRX Suspension Trainer Review

by the Professor via video from His lab


The professor is back again in his lab conducting more experiments on unsuspecting athletes. Today we are playing around with TRX Suspension Trainer to do some new exercises.

The first question is

Is This Easy To Set Up?

The short answer is YES, as shown in the video above. It only takes a couple minutes (at most) to have it set up. No more excuses about getting to the gym, bring the gym to you in minutes!

Never Miss A Workout Again!

The TRX Gym in a Bag weighs in only at 2 lbs and can fit in your suitcase, even with all the crazy new airline restrictions.

I personally find it that is is awesome when you travel since you can hook it up to pull up bars, trees, overhangs, and they even have an option that lets you use it from a door!

Excuses, Take a Hike!

No more excuses to not exercise when you travel now!  I love kettlbells, but they are a bugger to travel with and the TRX suspension trainer works great to do some unique exercises that you can’t do with just your bodyweight.

TRX Military Fitness Exercises

You can set it up almost anywhere!

It is also a great option for military personal that many times are left with less than stellar locations to get in a good training session or much equipment at times.

What’s In the Bag?

TRX Force Kit

TRX Force Kit

From the Fitness Anywhere website about the TRX Force Kit:

Get into Peak Operational Readiness- or, in civilian terms, the best shape of your life. You’ll take your strength and endurance up to the level of America’s highest echelon of fighting forces when you follow TRX® creator and former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick and Fitness Anywhere Director of Education Fraser Quelch through this one-two punch of a workout. Designed to be performed on alternating days, the two programs begin at a moderate level and ratchet up the training aggressively over a 12-week period, The DVD includes a bonus warm-up routine, two-real time workouts, exclusive tips and techniques from Hetrick and Quelch, and a handy workout log to track your personal progress.

Who Can Use It?

Just about any body can use it since the straps adjust and let you custom the effective weight to your strength levels.  There are many professional athletes from NFL quarterbacks to extreme sport athletes to soccer players such as:

  • Drew Brees, NFL Quarterback, New Orleans Saints
  • Heather Mitts, Pro Soccer Player, Two-time USA Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Carmelo Anthony, Pro Basketball Player, Denver Nuggets
  • Ronnie Faisst, Freestyle Motocross (FMX)) Rider
  • Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Freestyle Motocross (FMX)) Rider
  • Holly Beck, Professional surfer and Surf Stronger athlete


If you are looking for something to have in your home gym or start your own home gym and take it on the road with you, this is great and I would recommend it.   If you have access to a full gym all the time it may not be for you, but even just taking one day  “off” from the normal gym and doing some bodyweight and TRX exercises at home will save you some time.

Stay tuned for more TRX exercises coming soon!

Any and all comments, let me know below!  I want to hear what YOU think!

Rock on

Mike T Nelson

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TRX Suspension Trainer: Train Like the Pros.

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